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CDSG Winter Term Update

Meetings will be every Friday morning at 9:30 in the Food for Thought cafe in the basement of Smith.

Other News

We are building a new website to replace this one, due to technical problems, and also to allow us to communicate better and more easily on the web. We’ll post here and send a notification to the list as soon as it is ready (hopefully in February).

Next year’s CEP exchange student will be chosen soon. If you are interested in the exchange to UW for next year or want more info, email Nevin at nevin.freeman -at- gmail.com.

CDSG is back in action for Fall term

Meetings will be every Friday morning at 9:30 in Urban Center room 312 (except this Friday 10/3, the meeting will be at 2:00)

Five new co-chairs have been chosen, and we’re going to hit the ground running this Friday. Come to the meetings to learn what CDSG is about and get involved in CDSG activities.

We're having elections

May 19th,12:30-1:30 , in URBN Gallery

The Community Development Student Group is seeking candidates to fill five officer positions for the 2008-2009 school year. Each position receives a paid monthly stipend in exchange for 10-15 hours of work per week planning and executing student group activities. Please see the CDSG Constitution and CDSG Job Descriptions for details on current CDSG officer positions, requirements and responsibilities. Elections are for general officership, and not particular positions or titles. During the summer, each year’s officers develop their respective responsibilities and titles through formal consensus while planning for the upcoming year. Pizza will be served.

Applications for candidacy are due Monday, May 12. Elections will be held later in the week at a special elections meeting where each candidate will have an opportunity to speak on their own behalf. To apply, compose a short (~1 paragraph) response to each of the following questions and send it by email to any current CDSG officer (Blaine Delancey, bdelance@pdx.edu; Brett Lutrell, bgl@pdx.edu; Elliot Scott, es@pdx.edu; Natalie Ullman, nsullman@comcast.net). The application form can be found below.

Portland State University’s Community Development Student Group invites you to explore this website and get involved in our activities!

  • Subscribe to our listserve for announcements or conversations with the committee.
  • Review minutes from past meetings.
  • Browse our organizational documents that make us CDSG.
  • Investigate the Community Development major through our online resources.
  • Get involved with the group through our projects page.
  • Explore our greater community through the CDSG digest.

To get involved, contact a group member or join us at our weekly meetings in the Urban Center.

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